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UB40: Food For Thought Серия: EV Classics инфо 2226f.

От издателя This concert, filmed at the Sartory - Sale in Cologne in July 1981 for the German Rockpalast TV series, followed hot on the heels of the release of UB40's second album "Present Arms", whаьюйкich, like its predecessor, hit the No2 spot on the UK charts and came just two years after the band's first gig in their home city of Birmingham The set list, drawn almost exclusively from those first two albums, includes all their early hits and shows what an accompбленеlished live act they already were This is the perfect record of the early days of UB40 Track List: 01 Present Arms 02 Tyler 03 King 04 Food For Thought 05 The Earth Dies Screaming 06 Don't Let It Pass You By 07 Lamb's Bread 08 Silent Witness 09 Sardonicus 10 One In Ten 11 Madam Medusa 12 Don't Slow Down 13 Dr X 14 Burden Of Shame 15 Signing Off Актер "UB40" (Исполнитель) "UB 40".

Цена: 155 р.