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Modern Conductor, The (7th Edition) 2003 г 252 стр ISBN 0131826565 инфо 2538f.

Book Description Extensively refined and updated, this new edition on conducting posits that conducting is atime-space art It builds basic book techniques and includes additional band scores excerpts, placed аьюычin proximity with the classic repertoire The text adds new baton timing techniques, and shows the relationships of time, speed, and motion Key words and principles are highlighted in boldface or italics This book states a new principle regarding gesture-speed as relблеътated to dynamics and phrasing Drills to train the mind and hands simultaneously are presented Complete diagrams, all time-beating patterns, and logical classification of expressive gestures are included Offers manual-technique photo illustrations and a wealth of music examplesthat show the application of techniques Features an extensive appendix that includes seating charts, language tables (scores), less common terms, and an outline of musical form to aid in score study For musicians.

Цена: 92 р.

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