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George Benson Beyond The Blue Horizon / Bad Benson / Body Talk (3 CD) Серия: Sony Jazz Trios инфо 3157f.

"Beyond The Blue Horizon", George Benson's first project for CTI, is stocked with some of the finest examples of his pure jazz guitar work Alongside bassist Ron Carter, drummer Jack DeJohnette and oаэайрrganist Clarence Palmer, Benson - in great form - takes on compositions by Miles Davis and Luis Bonfa, as well as his own intriguing originals This CD contains one previously unreleased bonus track Every single album George Benson recorded while at CTI marked a stepблжхй in a new direction for the young guitar player In this respect, "Bad Benson" was no different Here, in a fiery interplay with Phil Upchurch, another guitarist signed to the label, Benson revealed a more aggressive style than usual, relying on a playing that was charged with vibrant energy, with Kenny Barron on piano, Ron Carter on bass, and Steve Gadd on drums, providing the exciting backing Three previously unreleased tracks make "Bad Benson" an unusual showcaбсдыаse for Benson's artistry In George Benson's body of work at CTI, "Body Talk" is often mentioned as a superb follow-up to White Rabbit As in this previous effort, Earl Klugh, on acoustic guitar, provided a striking counterpoint to Benson's fiery licks on electric guitar, while challenging him to explore new ideas and forms of expression Helping along with their powerful contributions are a handful of CTI regulars, including Ron Carter on bass, Jack DeJohnette on drums, Harold Mabern on keyboards, and Frank Foster on saxophone A new remixed alternate take of the title track adds extra zest to this reissue Каждый диск содержит буклет с информацией об исполнителе и альбоме на английском языке Содержание CD1: George Benson Beyond The Blue Horizon 1 So What 2 The Gentle Rain 3 All Clear 4 Ode To A Kudu 5 Somewhere In The East 6 All Clear (Bonus Track) 7 Ode To A Kudu (Bonus Track) 8 Somewhere In The East (Previously Unreleaбтльеsed Bonus Track) CD2: George Benson Bad Benson 1 Take Five 2 Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams 3 My Latin Brother 4 No Sooner Said Than Done 5 Full Compass 6 The Changing World 7 Take The "A" Train (New Mix) (Bonus Track) 8 Serbian Blue (New Mix) (Bonus Track) 9 From Now On (Unreleased) (Bonus Track) CD3: George Benson Body Talk 1 Dance 2 When Love Has Grown 3 Plum 4 Body Talk 5 Top Of The World 6 Body Talk (Alt) (Bonus Track - New Mix) Исполнители (показать всех исполнителей) Джордж Бенсон George Benson По праву считающийся одним из самых популярных джазовых гитаристов в мире, разносторонний музыкант, добившийся успеха не только на джазовой сцене, но и в мире поп-музыки, Джордж Бенсон родился 22 марта 1943 года в Питсбурге, штат Пенсильвания (США) Свою Рон Картер Ron Carter Джек Де Джонетт Jack DeJohnette.

Цена: 85 р.